What insurance benefits are included?

When renting a McRent vehicle, you are granted comprehensive insurance with a 7.500 NZD own contribution per event of damage and liability insurance with a third-party liability insurance with a global limit of indemnity of 10 Mio. NZD. 

The standard insurance covers you for accidental damage to the vehicle and any liability if the vehicle injures someone else or their property. As long as you’re not negligent or irresponsible (for more details regarding insurance exclusions, see terms and conditions).

Your Liability

If the vehicle is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the excess (deductible) amount. The basic access is NZ$7500. 

You can reduce the amount you need to contribute if you take one of the two liability reduction options:

    • Liability reduction to 1000 NZD (Collision Damage Waiver, limited for the first collision only) 
    • Liability reduction to 500 NZD (Collision Damage Waiver, limited for the first collision only) 

You can reduce your liability during the booking process under Extras.

Bond payment

Does the bond amount really has to be paid?
Yes, in principle, on takeover of the mobile home, you make a deposit equal to the applicable insurance excess.

If the deposit is by credit card, the hirer and name on card must be identical. Please check with your credit card company if your credit limit is sufficient.

Please note that no station may hand over a vehicle if the deposit is not received directly into the station and that you are not allowed to pay it in cash.

    • The bond will be refunded once the vehicle, and its contents, have been returned in the same condition as when hired; and the vehicle is returned to the agreed location on the agreed date.